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Ierapetra: Bright, hospitable. The old town, the port, the castle, the beaches !

The southernmost city in Europe! The largest city of the prefecture of Lassithi is built at the exit of a fertile valley and on the site of ancient Ierapytna, one of the most important cities of Crete. With the privilege of being the southernmost city in Europe, just off the African coast, with a mild climate and temperatures rarely falling below 12C all year round, Ierapetra is considered the sunniest holiday destination in all of Europe.

Magnificent for its history, favored by nature, ideal starting point for day trips to traditional mountain villages and coastal settlements, well organized tourist waiting to host you in its warm embrace.

Start for an enjoyable walk in the lively city center along the waterfront or get lost in the quiet picturesque alleys of the old town of Kato Mera. Choose handmade souvenirs from the traditional outdoor workshops and enjoy the colors, sounds and flavors of Crete in the charming atmosphere of the "old neighborhood". The "House of Napoleon", where according to tradition the great man spent the night in July 1798 and the mosque with the Ottoman fountain is one of the sights that adorn the old town. Also visit the old Ottoman School, in the Town Hall Square, which houses finds from the area from the Minoan to the Roman era. But the most famous attraction of the city is the Venetian fortress Kales (13th century), which still protects the port of Ierapetra, an ideal place for a romantic walk at sunset!

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