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Safety Comes First

Safety, as a top component of our hosting
Meticulous observance of safety and hygiene measures


We invest time and faithfully apply all hygiene protocols for the safety of our guests. Cleaning with the most special disinfection products, specialized staff for each area of ​​the hotel and of course meticulous observance of individual protection measures by our staff.

We take special care of each room to ensure that the next guest will find it sterile from any germs and will not need to have the slightest doubt about him and his family! At the same time, we take care to be constantly informed about the new developments and to upgrade our rules in accordance with the state instructions and the hygiene protocols of the World Health Organization!

Corporate Responsibility

At Petra Mare Hotel we have learned to treat every customer with the highest principles of Greek hospitality and so we will continue to walk.

Whatever unexpected can happen and affect your trip, from a simple flight cancellation to a suspicion of a health problem in you and your loved ones, our specialized staff will always be there to listen to you and provide solutions that will help you. relieve, while taking care to bring you in contact with any competent body immediately!

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