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Tips for a safer trip!

Lately the most common, travel-related question I receive is whether the destination I visited is safe. Of course, most of the time the question concerns countries outside Europe, but sometimes people have concerns for even Paris or Athens.

The good news is that most destinations in the world are fairly safe, with the exception of countries that are at war or politically unstable. The rest just require good preparation to avoid (as much as possible) unpleasant surprises. That's why I have the 10 most basic tips that will definitely make you feel better about your upcoming trip.

-Research, research, research:

It's the first and most important step you can take when planning a trip. There are now so many ways to learn everything you need to know about the place you are going to visit: travel books and magazines, online articles, blogs, vlogs, the resources are countless. Through online platforms you can even chat with people who have recently traveled to the same destination or find people who live there and want to share their experiences with you. It's something I do quite often and it has helped me, especially in the most "difficult" destinations.

Check the necessary vaccinations and hygiene tips for travel outside Europe.

Inform yourself or even better plan a visit to a travel medicine practice. Depending on the destination, the season, the conditions and the duration of your stay, experts will advise you on whether you need vaccinations or any other preventive treatment.